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Panel 1: Student 1 looks weary while reading at desk; Panel 2: Door opens, student 2 exclaims "It's spooky time!" Student 1 startled; Panel 3: Student 1 turns and says "What?" Student 2 says "Spooky Time!" and runs; Panel 4: Student 1 glaring in direction of Student 2, who is now out of frame; Panel 5: Student 1 looks with surprise as Student 2 says "Spooky time!" while wearing costume and holding jack-o-lantern and Halloween decorations; Panel 6; Student 1 sighs and turns head sharply back toward book; Panel 7: Student 2 whispers "Spooky time" as they sneak up behind Student 1 and place a headband with ears on Student 1, who looks annoyed; Panel 8: Happy Halloween Everyone!

Comic: Spooky time at SLCC