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Noah and Marcie with MIT faculty

Observations on the state of journalism

Students at the Maharashtra Institute of Technology voice their concerns about misinformation in the digital age.
Maharashtra Institute of Technology campus

First Impressions

Chetan Agrawal analyzes body language cues with remarkable insight during a guest presentation at Maharashtra Institute of Technology.
Visitors walk down to cleansing pool

Gurdwara Sis Ganj: progressivism 500 years before its time

The Gurdwara Sis Ganj, a Sikh temple in metropolitan Delhi, stands as an important symbol for the faith.
Women collect cloth donations

Not Just a Piece of Cloth

A number of impoverished regions throughout India require basic necessities and non-profit organization, Goonj, leads the way in giving aid.
Dr. Roderic Land

SLCC holds forum to bridge political divide

After an emotional election, Dr. Roderic Land reassured students and staff that SLCC will always welcome them.

In modern politics, dishonesty abounds

After the debate weigh-in: Modern politicians have dropped all pretense of honesty.
SL&L voting registration crew

Student Life and Leadership wants YOU to register to vote

Student Life and Leadership is currently conducting an initiative to encourage students to registered to vote.

Utah in the middle of presidential election

The US presidential election is nearing and a spark has begun to ignite among many Salt Lake Community College students. For the first time...