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Fast food deals

Slicing, dicing and cutting the cost of food prices is what's on television now days. Well known food franchises such as Pizza Hut, Quizno's...

Japan Comes to SLCC: Students get a look at a new culture

Salt Lake Community College students and faculty were given the opportunity to get insight into a different culture as Hideki Okazaki from Japan's Shitennoji...

SLUG turns 21

Considering the distain with which most outsiders view the underground punk scene, it's perhaps appropriate that Utah's preeminent punk publication is named after a...

SLCC Instructor’s book scheduled for release

For Salt Lake Community College English instructor Lynn Kilpatrick, the key to writing and writing well is just "to keep going." This is how...

SLCC to hold first ever Diversity Dinner

Doctor Abio Ayeliya, who organizes professional leadership and helps to oversee about 58 student clubs stationed throughout the many campuses of Salt Lake Community...

New club on campus takes on recycling

On Feb. 10 an article published by The Globe titled Brittney Evans: student profile reported that Brittney Evans was a member of the Environmental...

SLCC how does your garden grow?

On Tuesday, Mar. 2 University of Utah Biology Professor Fred Montague, Ph.D, came to Salt Lake Community College as the kick off to Salt...

Trolley Square hosts art show for Haiti relief

It has been over a month since an earthquake off Haiti's shore brought death and destruction to its people. But relief efforts to the...

Running for Student Body Office

It's that time of year again- when candidates are working hard to run for student body officers. The process for becoming a candidate for...

SLCC Confidential

Working day and night to protect Salt Lake Community College students from danger are the members of the Utah Highway Patrol. After forging a...

SLCC Student Art Show poster contest

All students are encouraged to enter into some friendly competition to kick off the 2010 SLCC Student Art Show. The Visual Art & Design...

SLCC Assistant Professor’s book reaches Harvard University

Eight years ago, Jerri Harwell, an Assistant Professor of Developmental Writing, completed her first ever full-length book, "Leaning on Prayer." Harwell explained that as...