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Read about the latest news and events impacting the state of Utah.

Salty Horror International Film Festival begins now

Utah is already known for the world famous Sundance Film Festival held every year in Park City. Starting Thursday, Salt Lake City hosts its...

Sanity or fear

Great minds think alike and act alike. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, from Comedy Central, are teaming up to bring important governmental issues to...

Halloween do’s and don’ts

As little kids Halloween meant dressing up and trick-or-treating. Once kids grow up, Halloween means going to parties. It's the best time of year...

YWCA campaign sheds light on the effects of violence

Domestic violence has become prevalent in America. Three out of four Americans personally know someone or have been a victim of domestic violence, as...

Cinema dramatics

Unlike many film festivals, The 2010 Salt Lake Freedom Film and Storytelling Festival stands alone, combining movie cinema, live drama, and music into one...

Zombie Apocalypse survival rule #1: Cardio

The zombie apocalypse is upon us, or at least it was this past Saturday, October 9, 2010, at This is the Place Heritage Park...

Texting bans not effective

Texting while driving bans are not effective at reducing the number of car accidents, a recent study finds. While Utah was not among the states...

Know what you’re eating

An informal poll of 20 meat-eating students showed that all 20 students have not heard about the ground beef additive pink slime. Pink Slime...

U of U Hempfest, education not incarceration

The University of Utah's third annual Hempfest on Sept. 29, organized by the U's Students for Sensible Drug Policy, SSDP, brought out a very...

The most earth-like planet ever found

After searching the heavens for more than a decade, on Wednesday Sept. 29 astronomers Steven Vogt and Paul Butler announced the discovery of the...

Taste of Salt Lake for a good cause

Taste of Salt Lake is holding their 12th annual charity event in honor of cystic fibrosis (CF) research. This dining extravaganza has become one...

The sustainability of recreation

The Department of Agriculture has been around for nearly a century in the United States and within this department US citizens can find the...