1. I haven’t received mine either. I am on ssi and have serious health issues and need some help with medicine copays.

  2. I’m on SSI and my boyfriend is on SSDI and neither one of us has got our stimulus check yet. What the crap

  3. I am on SSDI. It is sad. I guess we will be the last people to get ours. The second one I didn’t get at all. We need our money now to pay our bills. We are hurting for money now for rent, food, electric bill and water bill, etc.

    • I’m on disability and my ex claimed me as a dependent and we weren’t even together. I’ve filed identity theft paper work for eip. Still haven’t seen my first, second, or third stimulus. I’m hurting real bad here can I sign up for a loan or something?

  4. The head of the SSA is to blame, he was ordered 2 weeks ago to give the IRS files on retired people, people on SSI and disabled people, but he failed to do so. Now we have to wait to see if anything happens. IRS was supposed to get files today. Dems want him fired and I agree he is not responsible to do the job.

  5. I am on ssdi and have not received my 1400 dollar stimulus payment as of yet. I would like to know where it is

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