1. Thank you so much! I appreciate how sensitive you all are as an administration to providing the best option for us, students. I have been trying the best that I can to keep up with the transition and stay afloat but it is hard when things are getting worse with the COVID-19 as well as the economy. We are playing everything by ear with my own work as I do work fulltime and carry 15 Credits this semester. Some of my kids at home, as I am a widow, have been laid off their jobs. As a very much older student, I have voiced my concerns in the previous survey that was taken and I feel that you guys are hearing us and doing the best that you can to help lighten our workloads with this new grading system. Please know that your efforts do not going unnoticed and that SLCC has shown to be the best school to be a part of during these times of uncertainty because you have shown that you do care about your students.

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