1. While I can agree with the birth control issue (some of it), what about the right of the child your murdering when you commit abortion? Doesn’t that person have a right to decide whether to live or die?

    I had that choice years back. I was told to abort a child to make my life better. It is very interesting that now that the child is older, with children of her own, that everyone would be angry if she was gunned down in broad daylight. So not worth anything when they “can’t” be seen, but worth everything later. Doesn’t anyone see the hypocrisy here?

    You have the choice when you climb into bed with someone. That is when you make your choice.

    Birth control should be allowed, but shouldn’t have to be paid by everyone else. In other words, it shouldn’t be free medication. And yes, I say that as I give my highly disabled teenage daughter birth control for hygienic purposes.

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