1. This should have never been allowed on campus. Its a huge distraction and I’m not paying tuition to have a bunch of mutilated bodies displayed in the center of campus while I’m trying to learn.

  2. Seeing this display showed that SLCC still just might have a sliver of sanity, albeit very small. I lost all faith in SLCC just like I have in general media, but seeing this gave me a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel. This is an idea that people need to consider very carefully, I don’t understand how people could justify it as a right to murder another individual regardless of age, size, race, etc… I’ve also heard many miraculous stories of people being born of rape and their mother deciding to keep and raise the baby, and that person growing up with an wonderful life. How would you feel if you were that person, but somebody deprived you a chance at life in order to make right such a horrible wrong as rape.

  3. I was upset about this display being on the campus. I had to walk right past it to get to my classes. I am against abortion except under circumstances such as rape or extreme birth defects that include death if born. Those decisions should be up to the women and their partners. But I am against these people shoving wrong and right down our throats. They don’t care that some of us have had things happen in which we actually gave birth to babies the size of those shown on their posters. How those graphic pictures bring post traumatic issues up. Do they care? NO! Of course not. I think that they need to stay off campuses.

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