A public hearing will be held to discuss the setting of tuition, general student fees, and course fees. The Governor and the Utah System of Higher Education have directed Utah higher education institutions to freeze tuition and general student fee increases for the 2023-24 academic year. Accordingly, Salt Lake Community College is proposing a zero percent increase in student tuition rates for degree programs and in general student fees and academic course fees.

Further, as directed by the Utah System of Higher Education, the College is changing the tuition model for Salt Lake Technical College (SLTC) from clock-hour tuition to technical credit tuition. This change will improve cost alignment across all technical colleges and provide better transparency for students. The cost of the programs will mostly be cost-neutral for our students. Over the coming year, the College will review and determine whether to reduce course fees for our students in some of these programs.

In the same spirit of aligning with other Technical Colleges, SLTC will implement differential tuition for the Professional Truck Driving (Commercial Driver’s License) program. The additional cost of $100 per technical credit will ensure SLTC can retain highly qualified faculty to enrich student success in this program.

All concerned students and citizens are invited to a Public Hearing on the proposal to be held during the Board of Trustees meeting at the Salt Lake Community College Taylorsville/Redwood Campus, 4600 South Redwood Road, Taylorsville, Utah in Room AAB 135 at 8:00 a.m. or as soon thereafter as reasonably feasible on March 15, 2023.