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Salt Lake City
Thursday, September 16, 2021
Swan and cygnet

Local Lowdown: Fly on over

Looking for something to do that’s outside and inexpensive? Does the idea of seeing birds from all over the world sound exciting? Tracy Aviary is...
'Bad Teacher' movie still

‘Bad Teacher’ passes, but ending flops

From the previews, Bad Teacher looked like it was going to follow the formula for crappy comedy. Drop person with some sort of extreme...
Books stacked on the library floor

Markosian Library to undergo renovation

The Markosian Library at the Taylorsville Redwood Campus will be going through some major changes in order to better serve the information and learning...
Diva's Cupcakes & Coffee

Local Lowdown: Not just coffee and cupcakes

Gordon Wilkins woke one morning after dreaming of cupcakes. After having done the corporate grind, Wilkins decided to try his hand at something new. Likened to a...
'Mr. Popper's Penguins' movie still

Do ‘Penguins’ pop at the box office?

I’m probably one of the few people you’ll ever meet that remembers the book this movie is based on. Upon seeing the trailer and...
'Green Lantern' movie still

‘Green Lantern’ a bright day for fans

Marvel Comics have been the absolute ruler of the super hero movie world for the last few years. DC Comics, not wanting to be...
Handicap parking

Respecting the needs of handicapped people

Have you ever had to walk into one of the buildings on the Taylorsville Redwood Campus from way back in the parking lot? That...

Helping veterans the SLCC way

In order to help individuals who have served our country in the military, the Veterans Center at Salt Lake Community College is available to...
Interim head coach Todd Phillips

A new chapter in SLCC hoops

New Salt Lake Community College head basketball coach Todd Phillips jokingly recognizes that he has big shoes to fill in taking over a program...
'Super 8' movie still

‘Super 8’ is out of this world

Many film students, both here at SLCC and abroad were excited when they first saw the incredibly vague Super Bowl teaser trailer for this...
'The Tree of Life' movie still

‘The Tree of Life’ lives in ambiguity

Artistic films are a unique genre whereas it’s one of those genres that can’t really be judged by the standards of other films. Artistic...

DC Comics to hit the restart button

The biggest problem comic book publishers have is getting new business. For someone to truly get into comic books they must face the daunting...