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Salt Lake City
Tuesday, April 20, 2021
Interim head coach Todd Phillips

A new chapter in SLCC hoops

New Salt Lake Community College head basketball coach Todd Phillips jokingly recognizes that he has big shoes to fill in taking over a program...
'Super 8' movie still

‘Super 8’ is out of this world

Many film students, both here at SLCC and abroad were excited when they first saw the incredibly vague Super Bowl teaser trailer for this...
'The Tree of Life' movie still

‘The Tree of Life’ lives in ambiguity

Artistic films are a unique genre whereas it’s one of those genres that can’t really be judged by the standards of other films. Artistic...

DC Comics to hit the restart button

The biggest problem comic book publishers have is getting new business. For someone to truly get into comic books they must face the daunting...
SLCC Enrollment Services

Head count increases for summer semester

The number of students registered for summer semester this year at Salt Lake Community College’s Taylorsville Redwood campus has seen an increase in comparison...
SLCC Child Care Program

SLCC offers child care for students and faculty

One of the things that makes Salt Lake Community College unique from other institutions of higher education is the number of parents who are...
SLCC's Savanah Webster

Baseball and softball teams wrap up special seasons

The old cliche that it's not how you start but how you finish must have been written for the 2011 version of Salt Lake...
Shen from 'Kung Fu Panda 2'

DreamWorks delivers a winning blow with ‘Kung Fu Panda 2’

Like most of you reading this, I rolled my eyes when I found out that they announced plans for a second Kung Fu Panda...
'X-Men: First Class' movie still

‘X-Men: First Class’ best in the series

Prequels are a lot like rocket launches. If they are done well they’re a benefit to all mankind, but if they fail they can...
SLCC Markosian Library

I love summer school…really

Summer break has finally come. I would guess that most students look forward to this time of year, especially the last few weeks leading...