1. This is so ridculous< I wrote a letter to the president and all he did was try to defend how great of a job they do. I told him to take some accontability and at leaseadmit they could make a nicer place for these animals..I figured that was a start. I asked him if he would leave his family dog there?? No response after that! I WILL NOT EVER SUPPORT LAGOON IF THIS DOES NOT CHANGE..these animals need to go to a sanctaury or if they must keep them I feel they should be ordered by a Judge to make humane ( if there is such a thing) enclosures at lease ones that resemble something other than a metal box jail. I really want to see the world shift in what is acceptable for the way we treat Gods creatures. What gives anyone the right to treat living, breathing creatures this way. Every animal I have encountered throughout my life just wants to be treated kindly and shown love, even animals we call food. NO MATTER WHAT THE SUPPOSED PURPOSE IS ANIMAL ABUSE IS A CRIME ANDPEOPLE SHOULD BE PUNISHED!!!!!!

  2. Even as a child I would go to lagoon and see these poor animals in their small cages, and it would upset me. I would cry and ask my mom why the animals looked so sick and sad. Eventually it got to the point where I refused to go on the train because I would get too upset seeing these poor living creatures sentenced to a life that no one could be healthy or happy in.

    Now the children in my life go to lagoon and guess what happened when they got off the train last summer? They were upset and asked why the big cats looked so sick and sad!

    NO ONE goes to lagoon to see these poor animals. Please put them in a sanctuary.

  3. All well and good that LAP had taken in animals, only to let them live in horrible conditions. Can we ignore the 18 USDA violations OVER 15 YEARS? Shouldn’t there be none rather than more than 1 per year? Really? USDA in my mind is not known for their rabid animal rights policies.

    How can you ignore and condone children throwing rocks and trash at the animals? What kind of values are the parents that allow these barbaric acts instilling in their children?

    Shame on you, Dick Andrew, for your blind acceptance of the animal cruelty that your employer condones. Talk to the protesters, open your mind. Can’t you get animetronic animals for this “exhibit”? No need to feed them or keep them in enclosures too small for their comfort and well-being. Win-win situation for LAP – no USDA, no protesters, no bad press,no need to police the little bsrbaric kids and their barbaric parents who think it is acceptable to torment a defenseless creature.

    Stop bullying these animals in LAP’s care.

  4. People go to Lagoon for the rides, not their ridiculous, overly crammed animals jail. I’ve seen kids try to taunt the animals and throw their soda cups and garbage at them. The majority of people I tell this abuse to don’t even know that Lagoon had a so-called zoo. My friends and I haven’t been to Lagoon since we have been made aware of this issue and won’t go again, until Lagoon steps up to the plate and places these animals somewhere they can walk more than back and forth in a cage.

    Oh…and Lagoon’s argument that these animals don’t know any different because they’ve been raised in captivity is pathetic. I’m embarrassed for the owners lack of true caring about an animals right for freedom.


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