SLCC ‘Starstrukk’ with 3OH!3

On Oct. 2, Electropop duo 3OH!3 is coming to Salt Lake Community College’s Taylorsville Redwood Campus as the next concert for Student Life and Leadership’s (SLL) fourth annual fall concert series.

“The purpose of this concert is to give students an experience they wouldn’t have outside of school,” says Nicole Jensen, Student Association Publicity and Advertising vice president.

3OH!3 was chosen as the group for 2013 due to a survey, where students filled in options on what they wanted SLL to spend on concerts and activities, including music genres and other options.

ElectroPop Duo 3OH!3 photograph by PamelaCourtesy of Atlantic Records

ElectroPop Duo 3OH!3; photograph by Pamela Littky

A list of hundreds of bands was dwindled down to 3OH!3 as SLL eliminated previous years’ genres like the country of Gloriana and the pop punk of Plain White T’s.

Budget was also part in deciding who would play. Students asked for a smaller budget to be used, resulting in SLL paying less than they did for the previous year’s Gloriana concert.

Tickets have gone up in price compared to the previous year.

Student pricing for tickets are $15 and $10 for the floor and bleachers respectively, while community prices are $25 and $20.

“When we have this concert, we don’t aim to make all of our money back,” says Jensen. “We don’t want to make a profit from this concert; we just want to have that experience.”

Increased ticket sales and attendance do bring in more money to help SLL make more events like this as well as encourage higher-ups to allow bigger budgets for future events.

“It’s just a great experience to be able to go to a concert for a low price and see faculty and staff go to the concerts with their families,” says Jensen.

“It’s your student fees. Those fees that we pay every year, that’s what it’s going to, and you’re getting your money back.”