Free flu shots available to SLCC students

Prevention is a key element in avoiding illness. There are several steps students can take to reduce the chance at suffering from viruses this fall.

“Vaccination is the key to prevent the flu,” says Michelle Neeshan, certified family nurse practitioner at Salt Lake Community College’s Health and Wellness Services.

Health and Wellness Services will be offering free vaccines starting this week to the first 400 SLCC students at any one of their three campus clinics.

The vaccine will cost $15 after the first 400 student vaccinations. Many places around the valley charge approximately $25.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends the flu shot for all individuals over the age of six months, especially for pregnant women and those who have chronic illnesses.

The CDC also says that obese individuals with a BMI over 40 percent are at risk.

Although many healthcare workers believe getting vaccinated is the most important step in preventing the flu, there are several additional steps to increase odds against becoming infected with the flu as well as other viruses.

Following are a few tips to prevent the flu and other illnesses.

“Stay away from sick people. Don’t touch your eyes, your nose or your mouth and wash your hands frequently,” says Neeshan.

Some individuals have various reasons for not getting the flu vaccination; those individuals might be interested to learn about some natural ways to prevent the flu.

Online, Nadhirrah (raw foods chef) gives her natural remedies for avoiding and relieving cold and flu symptoms. For more ways to prevent and relieve flu symptoms, go to