SLCC Community Writing Center springs into action

The Salt Lake Community College Community Writing Center (SLCC CWC) helps community members with their writing.

Unlike to the Student Writing Center, which focuses on assisting SLCC students, the SLCC CWC educates, supports and motivates members of the community with writing for all types of circumstances.

SLCC Community Writing Center upcoming event:

Sine Cera: A Diversity Writing Series community reading

April 18 (Th), 6-9 p.m.

4th Floor Conference Room at the Main Library, 210 E. 400 S

Cost: Free, open to the public

Director Andrea Malouf says students can be involved by volunteering at the center.

“We do not look at ourselves as a service place, but as a learning environment,” said Malouf

The SLCC CWC gives assistance in writing resumes, short stories, poems and much more.

Malouf said that the SLCC CWC has even helped a member of the community write a letter to a parole officer.

The SLCC CWC has been around for 11 years and helps community members with a variety of programs such as Writing Coaching, where a community member sits down with a writing coach and discusses the member’s writing for 30 minutes.

Another program the CWC offers is the DiverseCity Writing Series (DWS)

The DWS offers multiple on-going writing groups around the metropolitan area of Salt Lake, which community members can join.

Community members have an inviting setting, in which to write and have the chance to find motivation through feedback from other members.

The DWS also gives community members a chance to submit work to the Sine Cera, a publication to showcase the writing of different groups in the DWS.

On April 18,students and other members of the community will be able to hear the voices of the DWS groups with the public reading of the Sine Cera.

Another event hosted by the SLCC CWC this month is a poetry contest. The SLCC CWC invites students and writers to participate in the 30 Poems in 30 Days challenge.

Writers can register throughout the month of April.

Students and writers can visit the SLCC CWC website for more information, rules and submission guidelines or call 801-957-2192.